Research Project

  • Development of Village Spatial Patterns in Household Based Business Centers (2009)
  • Community Attachment on Transformation of Settlement Building Design around Chinatown (2009)
  • The satisfaction of Residents in the Process of Spatial Transformation and Prototype Formation of Shop Houses (2010)
  • Development Model of Learning Tools for Environmental Management Accounting with Blended Learning as an Effort to Increase Accounting Competence Towards Company Awareness in Environmental Management (2015-2016).
  • WEB-based Green City SIM Engineering as a Model for Implementing Sustainable Urban Green Open Control (2018-202
  • Community Development of Grangsil Flower Kampong, Jambangan Village, Dampit District, Malang Regency (2019-2021)
  • Calculation of Thematic Village Patterns in Malang City Using the Space Syntax Approach (2019)
  • Calculation of Colonial City Patterns in Indonesia Using Justified Graphs Depth Calculations (2019)