Our Mission

1. Organizing Urban and Human Settlement Laboratory (UHSL) that qualified in providing scientific knowledge in the Urban and Human Settlement field at the Department of Architecture (DA) to produce graduates who are competent in their areas of expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and international competitiveness. This mission aimed at realizing UHSL Institution with a commitment always to maintain the relevance of learning to the needs of the community, oversee the formation of positive character, always pay close attention to the development and demands of the era (SDG’s issues) in an effort towards mastering professional expertise of national and international scale architects.

2. Conducting research and community service activities as well as scientific publications to encourage the improvement of the image and reputation of the DA and the creation of a conducive academic atmosphere to the implementation of educational institutions that have national and international fame. Organizing research and community service activities and publications in the UHSL based on Local Wisdom carried out consistently for the development of architectural education based on local cultural potential and oriented towards sustainable development. The orientation of scientific progress in the DA expected to focus on design studies based on sustainable development approaches with strengthening the potential of local culture with a global perspective.

3. Implement UHSL governance in the Study Program, which adheres to the principles of good university governance. The development of study programs is more focused on the responsibility of academic progress according to the policy of University of Merdeka Malang development through the Academic Desentralitation and Centralization of Administration principles. The educational service activities in DA is supported by UHSL ‘s professionalism to realize superior and certified DA. Improving the quality of the management, organization, and development of UHSL in the DA is carried out on an ongoing basis to ensure quality and be able to accelerate the achievement of UHSL ‘s vision and mission in the Department of Architecture.

4. Establish partnerships between UHSL with other institutions at home and abroad with the principle of equality, to realize UHSL institutions that have a national and international reputation in 2035.