The development of Grangsil Flower Kampong Tourism (GFKT)

The Partner Village Development Program (PVDP) is a multi-year community service scheme for three budget years (2019 – 2021). The PVDP scheme is very encouraging to the people of Grangsil Hamlet because this program is considered very helpful both in terms of program development, coaching, and training and physical development through the addition of photo spots, which are indispensable to enrich tourist attractions. The Partner Village Development Program, funded by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. The development of Grangsil Flower Kampong Tourism (GFKT) through PVDP has greatly benefited the people of Grangsil Hamlet and the “manager” of GFKT. The results felt by the community include physical aspects, that are; (1) Development of physical tourism facilities through participatory planning activities; (2) The realization of a management “office” with complete computer equipment, on the participation of residents who provide a portion of their home space for the office; (3) Increased photo spots through the involvement of residents who contributed their land to build “Grangsil Bridge” spots (construction stages), and other photo spots; (4) Improvement of water pipelines for watering plants. Non-physical assistance activities in the form of events; (1) Ex-situ assistance (campus) in the form of a workshop and brainstorming; Institutional assistance for strengthening and fostering GFKT governance (management); (2) In-situ assistance (at the service location) social-cultural development of the community; help of Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) and Dasawisma (Ten family groups) to support GFKT activities through the development of souvenirs, culinary and medium-term preparing homestays; (3) and institutional strengthening of GFKT by initiating profit division, development of attractions and event development divisions (jaran kepang cultural attraction; Nggowes Grangsil Extreme Fun Track activities; educational tourism activities), etc.

Video profile of Kampung Bunga Grangsil through The Partner Village Development Program (PVDP)