Local Wisdom Journal

LOCAL WISDOM JOURNAL is a scientific journal in the field of Architecture and the City as a “bridge” between the disciplines of architecture and urban planning and design studies. This scientific journal focuses on research relating to the study of local wisdom. Local knowledge is a potential local characteristic based on a local culture that has been a tradition in public life. The form of local wisdom studies varied widely, ranging from a cultural value system, and social system to the physical manifestation of culture in the form of local knowledge, local technologies, as well as the physical form of the built environment. Studies of local wisdom are an effort to realize the harmony of the city environment, and sustainability through the use and development of local knowledge, a contextual and a participatory approach. The scope of the study will be published in an article relating to the study of architecture (space, shape, and arrangement), a special area of study, and the study of urban planning and design. Local Wisdom of Journal published by the Center for Local Wisdom Studies, Department of Architecture, University of Merdeka Malang. More several other changes in LOCAL WISDOM are informed in  Journal History.