Webinar Community-Based Tourism Live Streaming on Youtube, Please click this link. https://bit.ly/webinarCBT

The Pandemic COVID19 has changed the paradigm of order in all sectors of life. One industry that is directly and very significantly affected is the tourism sector. Social and physical distancing is an effort to overcome the spread of the coronavirus during the COVID19 pandemic. The development of community-based tourism through community social capital empowerment has significant challenges in facing the strengthening of the tourism sector. In connection with this, the Merdeka University of Malang Master of Architecture Program, along with the UNS Solo City and Regional Planning Study Program, held a Webinar with Community-Based Tourism Towards a New Normal Order in the Post-Pandemic COVID19 Era. جدول اليورو 2024

This webinar supported by the Partner Village Development Program (PPDM), which is funded by the Ministry of Research and Technology/BRIN in 2020. كوره نت This webinar involves five parties consisting of academics, the business world, the bureaucracy, the media, and tourism sector practitioners. This effort expected to be able to establish the Penta helix collaboration of tourism businesses both in rural and urban areas.

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