The Urban and Human Settlements Laboratory, Merdeka Malang University’s Architecture study program on June 16, 2020, will host a Guest Lecture on Policy and Implementation of Providing Low-cost Houses. As Speaker Pandu Zanuar Sulistyo, Head of the Technical Implementation Unit of the Rental Flats (Rusunawa) Public Works Office of Spatial Planning, Housing and Settlement Areas (PUPR PKP) Malang City. 888casino uae He will address the presentation title: “Challenges in the Management of Vertical Shelter for Low-Income Communities,” Case study: Rusunawa Kota Malang. الى اين انتقل كريستيانو رونالدو

The guest lecture aims to provide Architecture student enrichment, specifically in the Housing and Settlement Principle Course, on policies and implementation of housing providing for low-income people. نيبر الروليت