According to the Pandemic Covid-19 Standby Village, the meeting in the context of Partner Village Development held online. The limited ability, equipment, and media owned by the management and members of the Koperasi Bunga Grangsil, apparently still received an extraordinary response from members to carry out the online meeting. The preparatory meeting for the arrangement of the Koperasi Bunga Grangsil Legal Entity held online. جريزمان The meeting participants consisted of the Trustees as well as extraordinary members Mr. ألعاب انترنت Tugino S., SE., Col. Purn., Koperasi Bunga Grangsil supervisory board, Management, and Members of the Koperasi and Team PPDM 2020 the University of Merdeka Malang, on May 2, 2020.

Online meeting for the preparation of the Koperasi Bunga Grangsil Legal Entity

The meeting produced several essential points related to procedures and requirements for filing a legal entity in the Koperasi Bunga Grangsil. The Legal Entity has not yet formed; Koperasi activities have carried out since the establishment on January 6, 2020. اسماء ورق اللعب The Koperasi Bunga Grangsil is a place for several business unit activities (1) Savings and Loans Business Units, (2) Business Units for Grangsil Flower Village Tourism Destinations; (3) Business Units to sell members’ agricultural products, (4) UMKM Business Units, and (5) Other Business Units approved by Member meetings. Hopefully, this Koperasi Bunga Grangsil can further encourage an increase in the economic enthusiasm of Jambangan and Grangsil villages in particular.